freelance business writer, editor and go-to person

I’m a freelance copywriter, editor and communications project manager. I specialize in integrated marketing communications and public relations copywriting, copyediting, B2B content, corporate and employee communications, consulting and getting things done. My clients are businesses, nonprofits and individuals.

  • I make complicated concepts easy to understand, routine topics intriguing, benefits crystal clear and calls to action irresistible.
  • I help you find, engage and energize the right people.
  • I produce high-quality, agency-level work that presents you perfectly.
  • You get the results you want.
  • And you won’t pay an arm and a leg.

I work independently or with your team. If you need additional professionals and service providers, I have a great list. And I can manage them for you, too.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ten secrets of successful speakers

Here are ten secrets that successful speakers use to keep their audiences engaged and moved to action. Most important – do NOT read your speech, keep your presentation slides simple, use images more than words, have a conversation, define your terms.

Four steps to start or refresh your business

1. Complete this one-page business plan
2. Avoid jargon
3. Let the SBA help you
4. Contact me

Three basic business questions you MUST answer

Most people have a hard time answering three fundamental business questions. But the answers are vital to the health of your business and the success of your marketing efforts. I need answers to the same questions. I ask my favorite customers.