chicago-based business writer, editor, consultant and sidekick

nancy-solomonI usually start working with clients as a copywriter, editor or an extra pair of hands they’ve been told they can count on. Sometimes our first collaboration is triggered by an emergency:

* A deadline snuck up on them.
* The project turned out to be more time consuming than expected.
* The person they were depending on quit.
* They just got handed something on top of everything else they have to do.
* They need someone who’s flexible and can get something done no matter how odd it might be.
* They’re stuck and need a new approach.

I soon become their regular go-to word and help-me-out-of-this-pickle person. As our relationship grows, they ask me to help develop strategies and pull off more complex projects and programs with hefty budgets. (Scroll down for testimonials.)

Some of my clients know exactly who they need to reach (their audiences) from the get-go. They are clear about what they want those people to know and which tools they want me to use.

Other clients don’t know or they’re not sure. We figure it out together.

I have a wide and varied practice. My specialty is integrated marketing communications, which includes public relations. Marcom is every message, idea, action, event you put out there to persuade your internal and/or external audiences (markets) to do whatever it is you want them to do. (FYI: I inserted “integrated” as a blatant attempt at SEO. It’s jargon and just means everything works together, supports everything else and shares a similar voice, look and feel.) 

I work independently, assemble and manage teams or collaborate with your in-house or preferred creatives, technicians and other professionals.

One of my clients says I only work for people I like. That’s mostly true. Another says, “If you don’t want Nancy’s opinion, don’t ask her.” That’s totally true. In fact, I’ll probably tell you what I think even if you don’t ask me. It’s my best and worst quality.

Let’s see what I can do for you.


Nancy’s personality and broad knowledge set her apart. She’s reliable and professional and helped me create a first-rate executive communications organization. I recommend her in a heartbeat. She’s enthusiastic, brilliant, funny and honest.

Sandra Sanchez, Director, Office of the Undersecretary, US Department of Transportation

You will spend whatever time it takes to make a project as perfect as you can without cutting corners. You study a situation until you understand what the client really wants, and then you figure out the best way to make that possible. I always end up with the best damn product I could afford – and that takes my organization up many professional notches.

Barbara Ford, Family Therapist

I have gotten jobs from the website and printed materials Nancy wrote for me. Because of her copy, clients know what to expect from me and how we will work together. I hire Nancy whenever I’m faced with a new marketing challenge. Her ideas are fresh. Her approach is unexpected and effective. She simplifies concepts so easily that you want to say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But, of course, her ability to do that is one of the reasons you hired her.

Linda Watson, Principal, Watson Interior Design

You are a killer writer, very creative with a talent to communicate. You’re able to put highly technical information into laymen’s language. Your copy is engaging and to the point. You always work within my budgets and you make me look good.

Don Eastburn, Principal, Don Eastburn & Associates

I’ve never found another person who has your ability to distill an idea to its simplest form and then describe it as elegantly as you do. Your writing is easy to understand and always beautiful. I also enjoy the collaborative process with you, and I think you are a great creative partner. I would hire you again in a heartbeat.

Karen Valliant, Marketing Communications Professional

I trust you. I know I can absolutely count on you. You always deliver a high quality job, and I get more than I paid for. I ask for A and you give me A, B and C. You’re willing to work long hours and do whatever it takes to get the job done. You partner with me so I can meet my deadline. You’re a good writer, highly capable, highly talented. You have excellent project management skills, so you can run the project. You don’t need a lot of direction. You’re off and running with basic information.

Donna Miller, President, Executive Resource Center

Nancy is incredibly patient and focused. I felt safe saying anything to her. She digs in her heels until she figures out everything she needs to know. She’s not afraid to talk to anyone, has a kind and gracious manner and makes everything sound positive. With Nancy’s help, our message is presented eloquently and clearly.

Rebecca Christy, Co-founder, Healing Foundations

I hired you and kept hiring and recommending you because you have a very flexible writing style that you tailor to create just the right voice for any piece. You are not only very talented but also very adaptable. I mostly used your writing services, which is only the tip of the Solomon iceberg.

Gary Carpenter, Executive Director, National Reining Horse Association

You helped me clarify my business objectives and presented my work professionally. You’re smart, energetic, warm, enthusiastic, savvy, funny and easy to talk to.

Lisa Alzarez, Co-founder, Healing Foundations

Nancy listened to me and asked the right questions. She created exactly what I was looking for. The quality of her work made me look smart and very professional. Nancy’s a great writer, extremely creative, intelligent and outspoken. She’s dedicated to meeting her client’s needs and becomes a partner in the process.

Beth Cohen, Patient Advocate