Should you establish a medical marijuana dispensary?

RESULTS: This article transformed a local pharmacist into a national subject matter expert and a medical cannabis dispensary owner.

PROBLEM: Illinois became the twentieth state to legalize medical marijuana in August 2013. My client wanted to apply for a medical cannabis dispensary license and asked me to place, research and ghostwrite an article to establish his credibility.

SOLUTION: I convinced Drug Topics, a trade journal, to accept an article about medical marijuana as an excellent entrepreneurial opportunity for pharmacists. Their training, experience and mindset are perfect prerequisites for this new industry. The article I wrote was published online and in print under my client’s name in the December 2013 issue of Drug Topics — and published in Drug Topics’ sister publications. I suggested and arranged for my client to take a fact-finding trip to Colorado, where he formed some useful professional ties. I taught him how to use the article with the media, professional associations, elected and appointed officials and other influencers, which generated extensive media coverage and speaking dates. I prepared his presentations for professional presentations and public hearings and created his initial website.
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Women in Leadership

RESULTS: This article encouraged a new crop of women business leaders to become involved in helping other women — and also recognized the original and ongoing contributions of the founders.

PROBLEM: Donna Miller, a leading human resources professional, and I have worked together for years. She and a few other powerful women in Oklahoma organized what became an annual leadership conference. I wrote and edited welcome letters, seminar descriptions, speaker bios and ads for the conference programs. For the fifth anniversary, Donna asked me to write a history of the conference.

SOLUTION: I interviewed the original movers and shakers. Each woman talked about how the experiences around putting the conferences together had benefitted and changed them personally and professionally. They talked about having a safe environment for them to get to know — and trust — one another. That’s the purpose of the conference after all and became the theme of the article I wrote.
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