direct (and email) marketing

email-1RESULTS: Emails generated fresh leads for the company.

PROBLEM: The company wanted to sell more products to its current customers, generate new leads to prospects and open a dialogue with customers of one of its acquisitions about upgrading to higher-end precision instruments.

SOLUTION: The company’s ad agency hired me to write email offers to send to the company’s current customers, prospects and its acquisition’s customers. The emails were designed to attract technical personnel. I was able to extract and highlight benefits rather than features, which can be a challenge with technical companies. I used the company’s preferred softer sell voice and informative tone — which respects its audience. In exchange for minimal contact information, recipients were able to download technical white papers (many of which I edited) or, as in this case, product information.

Here’s the content for the LC 200 email:

(Email subject line)
We go the distance. Up to 28 meters.

(body copy)
Now it’s even easier to measure lengths up to 92 feet.

HEIDENHAIN offers the new LC 200 long-length linear scale. As good as the popular LB 382 long-length incremental linear is — the LC 200 is even better.

It’s better for – most especially – for gantry-style machines and linear motor applications. The majority interface is Fanuc.

Download FREE product information today. Find out if the LC 200 from HEIDENHAIN is the best encoder for your application.

• The new LC 200 is an absolute linear encoder. It knows exactly where it is – ON STARTUP — without a reference run.
• The flat surface makes the LC 200 scratch resistant.
• The LC 200’s bearings ride on an even surface, eliminating position errors.
• The LC 200’s super fast acceleration is perfect for linear motor applications – the latest trend in the industry. It’s ideal for waterjet machining, large machine tools, aerospace, windmill blade milling and large five-axis machining applications.
• The LC 200’s advanced sealing technology provides extra protection against contamination and defends against damage from corrosive agents.
• The LB 382 and the LC 200 are both assembled on the machine from components. And both are easy to install.

Download the FREE product information.

LC 200 Product Brochure
LB 382 Product Brochure

Questions? Want more information? Ready to order? Contact HEIDENHAIN at 800-559-6307.

RESULTS: This 6×9, double-sided and inexpensive postcard successfully launched a brand new company.

PROBLEM: A brand new company, Rocky Mountain Shutters, had limited marketing money, no logo and rather drab but free product images.

SOLUTION: I featured the benefits — an unusually fast turn-around for a good product at a low price — on both sides of an oversized postcard. The graphic designer I selected created the company logo and photoshopped in all that glorious sunlight. The postcard was inexpensive to produce, offered a free estimate and has an elegant look and feel. Best of all, it worked. The card was reprinted many, many times and mailed to lists of new home owners in specific ZIP Codes.