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Walmart Canada and Wholesome Goodness
newsletter-sampleRESULTS: Wholesome Goodness, a brand new natural food company, had a successful launch in Canada with excellent sales and many TV and radio interviews with Dr. Katz, extensive general print and social media coverage, and strong employee support for the new brand.

PROBLEM: Walmart Canada was the first major company in North America to introduce natural food products from a brand new company, Wholesome Goodness. Because shoppers often ask store staff for buying advice, there had to be a strong and warm employee component to the launch. Employees also needed to be educated about natural food. And because Walmart wanted the shopping public to buy Wholesome Goodness products, the general media needed to be engaged.

SOLUTION: I wrote the news release that featured Dr. David Katz, a well known nutrition expert, for Walmart’s Canadian public relations firm. I also wrote the presenter’s introduction to Dr. Katz for a massive employee launch. And I provided material that Image Base used to produce a terrific video about Dr. Katz, Wholesome Goodness and natural food. If you’re in the market for a really excellent video and/or event company, take a look at Call 312-587-8700 and ask for founder Ralph Murnyak. Tell him, “Nancy sent me.”

Midwest Agricultural Museum
midwest-agRESULTS: The releases and media advisories generated good attendance at events and increased donations and membership.

PROBLEM: The Midwest Agricultural Museum didn’t quite exist. When I first started writing releases and advisories, it was a collection of artifacts being stored in a barn. The museum board needed to raise money to buy property, build a facility and attract members.

SOLUTION: I decided to present the museum as an institution is search of a permanent home, which it was. Sort of. I publicized museum-sponsored events and fundraising successes.

Other releases
I write, distribute and generate media coverage for many of my clients. Recent Chicagoland media relations and publicity clients include TheatreBAM Chicago, Cook County Clerk David Orr and Topco Associates, which was featured in trade journals and The Wall Street Journal.