Hype Inc.

RESULTS: As a creator of beautiful and effective websites, trade show materials and many other communications, hype finally has its own website. It’s pretty old, but it still works.

PROBLEM: Daniel Stein, the art director and founder of Denver-based hype, and I worked together for years. His business is so successful that he never had time to create a website for his company. But then, Dan had an unlisted phone number when we first met, too.

SOLUTION: Dan and I forced ourselves to create this website. I wrote the content and set the tone. I also wrote and edited many of the pieces featured in the “work” section.

Healing Foundations

RESULTS: Healing Foundations has been able to add new content to its website as its business has expanded, just as we planned. The owners have maintained the welcoming and straightforward tone I established.

PROBLEM: A brand-new acutherapy center, Healing Foundations needed a website that would launch at the same time as it opened for business. The content needed to appeal to an educated 20 to 45 demographic in Roscoe Village, one of Chicago’s up and coming neighborhoods. The target market is curious about Oriental medicine but turned off by anything too woo-woo.

SOLUTION: I worked closely with the owners to plan the website, set the tone and make sure it could expand as needed. I wrote the content to be straight forward, informative, friendly and professional.


Other websites

A lot of my content and tone is still present in many other websites that I wrote originally and that have been updated since by the companies’ internal teams. These include Sysmex USA, Miner Enterprises, Gayety’s Chocolates, Fidelitone, MyFinancialAdvice, Griffith Laboratories, Advent Oil and Gas, PursePower, PDI Medical, Purple Monkey Studios and Evans Food Products.