About me and my work

nancy-solomonI develop projects to achieve my clients’ specific strategic goals, which is why they work.

I’ve won awards, which is great, but that’s not what counts. What counts is how well what I create works for my client. And I love it when my projects turn out to be even more useful than any of us expected. (I do, however, display the awards in my office.)

One of my clients said that I only work for people, products and/or causes I like. That’s mostly true.

I will always tell you the truth. I will try to be nice about it.

I’m originally from New York. When my daughters were young, we moved to Denver. In 2005, my business and I moved to Chicago so I can be a hands-on grandma. Thanks to technology, I have many clients I’ve never met in person.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative,” is one of my favorite David Ogilvy quotes. I read style books for fun. I try to avoid exclamation points, the word “solution” unless I’m describing a liquid, and, usually, the Oxford comma.

Let’s talk about how I can assist you.