new-trier-cover-1New Trier Performing Arts
RESULTS: This brochure helped increased participation in New Trier High School’s extracurricular performing arts programs and and set a new graphic standard for communications with students and their parents.

PROBLEM: The Performing Arts Department needed a good looking brochure to attract students to join its programs. There wasn’t much money or time. We would have to repurpose whatever we could find.

SOLUTION: With the help of the Performing Arts Coordinator, I collected existing photographs, selected quotes from students and rewrote program descriptions.


colorado-brochure-interiorColorado Association of School-Based Health Care
RESULTS: A successful campaign that included brochures, e-newsletters, news releases and lobbying convinced the Colorado legislature to fund school-based health clinics for the very first time.

PROBLEM: School-based health clinics provide low-cost and good medical and mental health services for economically struggling families. Most school districts are strapped for cash and need additional funding to support these clinics. Although hospitals often help set up the clinics, they usually don’t stay around as a funding source. The logical place to turn to is the state government. However, most state legislatures resist funding school-based health clinics. Many legislators represent rural areas and tend to think the clinics only serve the urban poor.

SOLUTION: We set up a campaign to let the legislature know that clinics are cheaper than emergency rooms and fill a healthcare void for poor children and their parents in underserved rural communities. I specifically included a chart to show the counties that currently had school-based health clinics and the services they provided. The chart showed that the counties served were overwhelmingly rural — and white.


Other brochures
I write a variety of brochures from one pagers that fold down into self mailers to multipage corporate extravaganzas. Clients include KN Energy, Murrayhill Company, Braddock Financial, KN Power Company, US West and others.