speeches and presentations

speech-1Executive speeches
RESULTS: Three of the many speeches I wrote for Sol Trujillo, president of US West, were reprinted in the prestigious Vital Speeches of the Day. They helped build and reinforce his reputation as a major international business leader. The speeches also attracted extensive media attention.

PROBLEM: Sol Trujillo was the president and CEO of US West, one of the seven Baby Bells created from the breakup of AT&T. He had begun his career as a forecaster for AT&T, moved through the ranks and, although extremely talented and smart, was relatively unknown in the industry.

SOLUTION: Sandra Sanchez spearheaded the executive communications campaign that greatly expanded Sol Trujillo’s standing within the business and Hispanic communities. I freelanced for Sandy. I conducted thorough audience audits, massaged the message points and wrote speeches that resonated with their audiences.

Other speeches and presentations
I’ve been writing speeches and presentations for executives and subject matter experts for a long time. The audiences range from employees and conference attendees to the media, legislators and major influencers. I know my training and experience as an educator, theater professional and public speaker help me create speeches and presentations that keep listeners engaged and encourage them to take action.